Welcome to CMCB!

Established in 2005, Center for Mathematical & Computational Biology (CMCB) is focus on building a research and training environment dedicated to mathematical and computational biology. CMCB faculties possess diverse backgrounds and work on a variety of scientific questions. Their research work aims at the mathematical representation, treatment and modeling of biological processes, using mathematical and computational techniques and tools.

Congratulations on Seth Figueroa's new article published in Nature Communication on feather formation

Congratulations on Qixuan Wang's article published in eLife on hair regeneration

Click here to read the UCI News on this fascinating study.



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History of CMCB

Some of the CMCB faculty members from Dept. of Mathematics -
from left to right:Dr. Jack Xin, Dr. Frederic Y.M. Wan, Dr. Natalia Komarova,
Dr. John Lowengrub, Dr. Qing NIe, and Dr. Germán Enciso